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Rug Cleaning San Marcos CA

​Area rugs that adorn many homes these days are often made from more delicate fabrics compared to regular carpets. While they both act as floor covering, the more fragile nature of area rugs means that they need a different kind of upkeep and care.
At Carpet Cleaning San Marcos CA, our team of expert cleaners isn’t only well-trained in cleaning and maintaining regular carpeting and upholstery but they are trained in handling rugs too. We know that with proper handling, your delicate rugs can last for many years to come. Our tried and tested cleaning methods will ensure that your rugs will not only be kept clean, but their beauty, appeal, and elegance are also preserved accordingly.
Only our trained and experienced cleaning technicians will handle the treatment and cleaning of your rugs. This is, after all, a job that requires the necessary experience and expertise where old–world practices and modern methodologies and technology are combined together, using both gentle and powerful solutions to keep your rugs in the best shape.
We understand that rugs have to be serviced differently from carpets. The materials that rugs are made of tend to be finer compared to that of carpets and great care and attention is needed to get the cleaning done. We have mastered the technique behind keeping your rugs clean and our professionals have the experience and the knowledge, and armed with the latest technology to do a great job every time.
When reliable carpet and rug cleaning expertise is what you’re looking for, there is no better choice than Carpet Cleaning San Marcos CA. 

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